FEDRA Compact Spotting Table

From Battistella Italy

  • Fedra Spotting Machine for Laundry

FEDRA Compact Spotting Machine

Brand : Battistella Italy


EURO : 570.00

INR : 100000.00 + GST

AED : 6500.00 + VAT

Fedra Spotting Machine

Spot remover table with stainless steel working surface, suction unit 0,13kW, surface height 34cm, 2 spraying guns and drying gun.Compressed air necessary, pressure 8-10 BAR. Voltage 230V, weight 13 kg, overall dimensions 64x25x81 cm, packing box volume 0,2 m3.

Why Choose Fedra Compact Spotting Table from BATTISTELLA ITALY

To new users many company trick them to buy a cold spotting table mentioning less risk of damage,but many stains cannot be removed without a steam gun and with steam gun it is easy to remove many stains from the cloths. Also the equipment should equip with hot air gun as this will increase the production rate to 50%, To Get the best from a steam gun it should able to regulate the steam , some stains should be heated gently rather than pumping full pressure steam.

Fedra Compact spotting table is ideal for the laundry and dry cleaning units

Product Description Table

Model No Fedra
Spotting Board Height 29cm
Vacuum Motor power 0.2HP
Compressed Air Pressure 8/10 BAR
Overall Dimension 25 x 61 x 81 cm
Weight 13 KG
Fedra Spotting Table
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