Chicago Flatwork Ironer 2 Roll 800mm Dia , 3.0 Metre working width with Folder

Used Faltwork Ironer

Flatwork Ironer with Automatic Folder

Chicago USA 800mm Diametre , 3.0 Metre working Width, Steam Heated Model. With Automatic Folder

Chicago's deep chest or modular ironers deliver high speed transfer of heat to linen for maximum productivity. Perfect for high production flatwork finishing systems that require a high production ironer that is efficient, dependable, serviceable and safe. It is 2 roll steam Heated ironer with 800mm Diametere and 3.0 Metre working width. Using Braun Folder.

Product Description Table

Brand Chicago Dryer
No of Rolls 2
Diametre 800 mm
Working width 3000 mm
Mode of Heating (Sec-) Steam
Year of Manufacturing 2000

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