Girbau Roller Heated Ironer 2009 Model PS 3219

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Girbau Roller Heated Ironer.

Girbau Roller Heated Ironer , 2009 Model PS - 3219

325mm Cylinder Diameter, Complete with Autospeed, the unique system which automatically adjusts the ironing speed to the moisture retention of the material. Linen can usually be taken direct from high spin washers to the ironer without drying.

Main Features
Return feed design
High throughput
Strap dynamic tension design
Thermic insulation
Electronic micropresser
Lint filter
Double safety hand guard

Product Description Table

Brand Girbau
Cylinder Diameter 325 mm
Speed 1 to 5 Metre per Minitue
Working width 3000 mm
Mode of Heating (Sec-) Steam
Year of Manufacturing 2009

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