C2 Ironer wax

C2 Ironer wax for ironer temperature up to 185 Degree C

C2 Ironer wax

C2 wax, with stand up to 185 Degree C, Steam up to 10 Bar. Available in 25Kg Bag

To get the best possible finishing on linen, it is essential to use waxing of ironer chest at regular intervals. Karagami mini prill wax is the best wax and trusted wax used in all major branded calendaring machine worldwide like Jensen,Girbau,BMM Weston,lapauw,Chicago ironer etc.

Waxing of the ironers should be done at the beginning of the ironer operation, small quantity of ironer wax is applied on wax conditioning cloth, this cloth is specialised cloth for application on wax on ironer chest, the special silicone cloth in the chest clean cloth prevent the wax spreading the ironer padding

Wax is supplied in 25Kg Bag and 5kg Tub

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