Karagami Ironer wax

Karagami Ironer wax for ironer temperature up to 175 Degree C, Stock available in India and GCC Country

  • karagami powdered ironer wax for the laundry flatwork ironer

Karagami powder Ironer wax Imported

KARAGAMI powdered ironer wax, with stand up to 175 Degree C, Steam up to 8 Bar. Available in 25Kg Bag

To get the best possible finishing on linen, it is essential to use waxing of ironer chest at regular intervals. Karagami mini prill wax is the best wax and trusted wax used in all major branded calendaring machine worldwide like Jensen,Girbau,BMM Weston,lapauw,Chicago ironer etc.

Waxing of the ironers should be done at the beginning of the ironer operation, small quantity of ironer wax is applied on wax conditioning cloth, this cloth is specialised cloth for application on wax on ironer chest, the special silicone cloth in the chest clean cloth prevent the wax spreading the ironer padding

Wax is supplied in 25Kg Bag and 5kg Tub

Why wax is used in Flatwork Ironer...?

The purpose of waxing is to keep the ironer chest lubricated and it should be done sparingly but often. Wax can be powder or paste. It is placed on to the leading edge of the wax cloth, usually inside a pocket or barrier flap with silicon coating. When the wax is fed through the ironer, the wax melts to coat and lubricate the ironer chests. This helps to get even heating from the chest to the linens and makes feeding from one roll to the next easier. If waxing is not done enough, or if it is done without enough wax, areas on the ironer chest will become dry. These dry dead spots can grab onto the linen. If your linens jam or come out of the ironer with accordion wrinkles, then run a wax cloth to clean and lubricate the chests. The wax cloth should run through the ironer every TWO hours.

Wax Proceedure for Flatwork ironer

Beginning of each shift:

  • Turn off vacuum
  • Once ironer has reached proper temperature, feed the cleaning cloth
  • Then feed the wax cloth through ironer. After the cloth has been fed, hang it on a rack to cool.
  • If the wax cloth is stiff when cool, there is sufficient wax in the cloth for the next use. If the cloth is limp when cool,apply wax again.
  • Turn on vacuum

Break #1

  • Turn off vacuum
  • Feed wax cloth through the ironer.
  • Quantity of wax at one use 8 ounce cup of powdered wax
  • Turn on vacuum

Break # 2, same procedure

Choose right wax manufacture....why...?

paraffin waxes or local wax might look identical but start to oxygenize at very low temperature, especially under oxygen concentrated atmosphere like in the ironer. Oxidation products are crusty crack products and gas,The crusty crack products build up deposits that are hardly to remove from the ironer. Most Importantly Sediments of this wax are combustible / flammable. Because of this technical background we strictly pretend on using vegetable based waxes for our recipes only. Only for additive purposes synthesized petro chemical components are in use in small shares.

Below are small reference of clients using our Wax in Flatwork Ironer

Lemeridien Hotels, Park Hyatt, Trident Hotels, Avasa Hotel, J W Marriot, ITC Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Westin Hotels Etc

Below are reference of Flatwork Ironer using our Wax

Jensen, GIRBAU, Image Thailand, Lapauw, Ramson, Stefab, BMM Weston Etc

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