Spring Padding

Spring padding for all Chest Heated Ironers

Used by over 85% of the world's ironer manufacturers

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Spring Padding

Springpress Ironer spring padding from Belgium

Spring Padding is the simplest and most effective permanent springing system available, outdating all other conventional flatwork ironer padding systems.

Constructed of a continuous wire formed into springs side-by-side on a continuous metal strip, Springpress is simply spiralled onto most existing ironer roll to produce a uniform covering of springs.

Springpress is manufactured in various heights and tensions to suit most flatwork ironers

Why use SPRINGPRESS on your ironer?


    Perfect contact between roll and chest is obtained immediately and maintained throughout the life of the textile padding. No textile break-in period. Constant maximum output.


    Springpress compresses when textiles are new, and compresses less as the textile padding wears. Localized high points like buttons, hems and embroidery compress individual spring more, while holding surrounding material in contact with the chest.


    Extended padding life. No need to constantly add to textile padding to maintain roll diameter.


    Full contact between roll and chest during entire life of textile padding. No energy loss. Constant roll diameter so all available heating surface is used for drying. More efficient heat transfer.

  • Video of How Spring padding works in your Flatwork ironer

    By courtesy of Laco

  • Animation of Spring padding works in your Flatwork ironer

    By courtesy of Laco

  • Reference of Spring Padding users worldwide

    • ASAHI - Japan
    • BOWE PASSAT - Germany
    • BRAUN - U.S.A.
    • CARBONELL - Spain
    • D'HOOGE - Belgium
    • DEATEC - Italy
    • EFFMA - Germany
    • GIRBAU - Spain
    • JENSEN - Denmark
    • INAMOTO - Japan
    • JIESHEN - China
    • KANNEGIESSER - Germany
    • IMAGE K.H.T. - Thailand
    • JOYCE - China
    • KLEINDIENST - Germany
    • LACO - Belgium
    • LAPAUW - Belgium
    • LAVATEC - Germany
    • MITSUBISHI - Japan
    • MUSASHINO - Japan
    • PRIMUS - Belgium
    • RAMSONS - India
    • SAILSTAR - China
    • SENKING - Germany
    • SHENGGUANG - China
    • STAHL - Germany
    • STEFAB - India
    • TOLKAR - Turkey
    • TRANSFERON - Germany
    • VYAZMA Machinery Plant - Russia
    • WALES - China
    • BMM WESTON - Great-Britain
    • WEIERSHI - China
    • XIAOYA - China
    • Y S MACHINERY - Japan
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