Ironer Welder Chordless

To Fuse together 2 guide tapes and avoids the knot mark on the sheet.

Ironer Welder Chorless

This help to avoid the knot mark on the bed sheets and minimize the brakage of the ironer guide tape.
1. Instantaneously and strongly weld the ironer guide tape
2. The surface of the guide tape which was welded by our Tape-Matic is extremely smooth and flat, so you do not worry about breakage at the connecting points.
3. Just switch on the power. The tool is instantly ready to use without waiting time.
4. It's ultrasonic welding system does not use heating system, so it is very safe, even in dusty work areas with a lot of lint
5. The welded guide tape withstands from 3 months to more than 1 year, thus you do not need replace the guide tape frequently.
6. Two batteries and a battery charger are included in one complete set.

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