Nomex Wax Cloth

Nomex Wax Cloth for wax application on Ironer Chest

Nomex Wax Cloth

Nomex wax cloth with Silicon Flap cover to apply ironer wax on Chest of the ironer

Wax cloths are used as the applicator cloth for the wax procedure. Standard wax cloths have a small abrasive cloth and have a impervious flap so that the wax is applied downward to the bed of the ironer and not upwards to the roller needlefelt.

Wax Cloth contain special silicone cloth to prevent wax distributing wax on to ironer padding

It has a silicon pocket to avoid the direct contact of the wax, cleanpaste or cleancoat with the felt. By doing so, the felt will not be clogged by wax, which reduces its permeability and output of the ironer

Size : 160cm wide

Why my nomex wax cloth with silicon Flap is better than wax cloth with scouring pad on edge....?

Many laundry manager ask us why we dont supply wax cloth with souring pad on the edge of the wax cloth as this will make the wax cloth do the chest clean cloth. Here is the reason why not to use wax cloth with scouring pad

Daily care Procedure Starts with

  • 1. An intensive cleaning of the chest using a powerful cleaning cloth with effective polishing stripes, As the middle of the chest is the most intensive scale deposits
  • 2. Afterwards customers are recommended to use a wet bed linen to take away the solved deposits that have not been taken away by the polishing stripes
  • 3. The wax cloth must be filled with wax and pass the ironer.
  • 4. Finally wet bed linen has to be used to spread the wax and take away the overdose wax from the chest
  • 5. Now the regular production may begin with clean linen.
    • The single advantage of combined cleaning-wax-cloth is the fact that you have 2 tools for the care process instead of 3 devices
      1. A cleaning-wax-cloth
      2. Wet bed linen to spread the wax and take away the overdose of wax from the chest

      But Multiple technical disadvantages of combined cleaning-wax-cloth
      1. The handling is extremely difficult because of the size and weight
      2. There is no possibility to take the solved deposits out of the chest by wax cloth
      3. The combined cloth does not have polishing stripes
      4. Customers cannot use the cleaning cloth for intermediate cleaning.And it is the same with the wax cloth 5. The cloth has to be exchanged as soon as one part is worn out. Even when the other part is working properly still

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