Permanent Marking System

For Permanent labeling on Uniforms and Towels

Permanent Marking System

Thermopatch Thermal Printer HiQ-EOS-1

We believe that the HiQ-EOS-1 thermal transfer printer / cutter is a label system that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations. Thermal transfer printing technique at its best, this machine offers state of the art technology incorporating a modern design. The large blacklit display shows the texts and icons and makes navigation very easy

1. High-powered transfer printer with special heating system with 203 dpi
2. Large graphical touch screen display 3. When hooked up to LAN the printer can be controlled with a web browser and label files can be stored in flash memory by FTP protocol
4. 32 bit Coldfire processor / 266 MHz with 64 MB main memory
5. Interfaces: serial, USB, Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
6. USB master for keyboard / scannerbr<> 7. Integrated real-time clock

Why Permanent Marking System ....?

Permanent marking is used for Monogramming of Hotel Linen. The tags for the permanent marking will not come out in normal washing process. The Tags can be printed with Logo, Text, Date or Barcode. With the Help of permanent barcode labels it can be integrated with Laundry Software

Professional clothing, uniforms, hospital laundry, sheets for surgery, costumes etc. are often rented. Efficient management of these items is only possible by identifying every single one. The bar code guarantees a complete and transparent registration of all cleaning, repair and logistic processes

For the permanent identification of textiles the Thermopatch Permanent Marking Labels are the best choice. They withstand industrial laundering and dry cleaning and have proved themselves time and time again despite heavy daily use.

These labels have been specially developed for the work wear leasing and the laundry industry, but are equally suitable for the individual identification of hospital textiles, hotel linen.Next to the most common barcodes, company names, text and even logos can be incorporated

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