Thermopatch Temporary Marking Machine

Thermo seal Y151T for Temporary Marking machine

  • Thermopatch Thermoseal Temporary Marking Machine Y151T

Thermopatch Temporary Marking Machine

Prints, cuts and seals in on easy step

Designed to speed up marking, prevent errors and reduce the time spent sorting, the Y151 is the ideal solution for temporary marking needs. Colour coded tags make processing shirts a simple task. Shirts can be sorted into movable transporters or numbered rail clips right off the folder or finishing unit, reducing the amount of labour required.

Ink Ribbon Cartidge RC2410-15

This cartridge features black indelible ink ribbon that prints sharply and cleanly on to Thermoseal tape rolls.Print stays clear and legible through laundering, dry-cleaning and finishing operations. The ink cartridge is very simple to snap into place.

Product Description Table

Model No Y151T
Power supply(Volt) 230
Power consumption maximum (Watt) 710
Temperature range (°C) 50 - 120
Timer (Sec-) 1 - 99
Dimensions Hx W x D maximum (Millimeters) 1 - 99
Weight (Kilogram) 18.5
Sealing platen (Millimeters) 35 x 15
Certification CE

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