Laundry Washer and Dryer Stacker

Best Choice for the start up Laundry

  • Laundry washer and dryer stacker

15KG Laundry Washer and Dryer

@INR 4,00,000.00 *Condition Apply
Service Available in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andrapradesh
  • Double-layer structure, saves space.
  • Panel and drum adopt high quality stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, good appearance, long life.
  • With mechanical suspension shock structure, low noise, free standing.
  • Simple door system, easily for users.
  • Door lock system of washer and dryer can protect users.
  • It can work smoothly even high spin speed more thn 700r/min becauseof unique suspension system..
Minimum footprint, maximum performance

Based on a very simple construction, the free-standing, high-spin machines are high-performers, exceeding as of 360 G. The minimum drum spacing allows a fast heating and reduces the water consumption down to below 10 l/kg = 1,2 gal/lbs on an average wash cycle.

Technical Details

Laundry Stacker - Washer and Dryer - Model No SWD-15
Washer Capacity(KG) 15
Dryer Capacity (KG) 15
Steam Consumption (KG) 10.8
Water Consumption (Litre) 156
Heating Power for Wash (KW) 6
Drum Speed During Wash (rpm) 40
Drum Speed During High Spin (rpm) 700
Standard Washing Time (Minute) 35
Washer Motor Power (KW) 1.8
Inverter Power (KW) 2.2
Dryer Motor Power (KW) 0.14
Dryer Fan Motor Power (KW) 0.75
Heating Power for Dry (KW) 10.5
Gas Consumption (KG/H) 1.2
Net Weight (KG) 900
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 940x1090x1920
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