Jensen Washer Extractor

Minimum Footprint Maximum Performance

  • Jensen washer extractor

Jensen Washer Extractor

  • Easy unloading thanks to conical drum face.
  • Accelerometer to monitor upcoming unbalance and avoid it.
  • Clamping of inner and outer drum instead of welding ensures perfect drum
  • Ceramic coated shaft to reduce friction on seal surface.
  • Maintenance free bearing system housing: no need for lubrication.
  • Latest control generation with TFT screen including.
  • Visual management.
  • Soft Mounted Machines /High extraction speed 360G.
  • Loading ratio (1/10)
Minimum footprint, maximum performance

Based on a very simple construction, the free-standing, high-spin machines are high-performers, exceeding as of 360 G. The minimum drum spacing allows a fast heating and reduces the water consumption down to below 10 l/kg = 1,2 gal/lbs on an average wash cycle.

Robust design ensures longevity

The sealed bearings do not require any maintenance and can be easily replaced. Also the gaskets are spared during the operation: their shafts are ceramic coated, leaving no chance to any abrasion. The sim- plified wiring and the low tolerances of the shafts, as low as 10μm, ensure a trouble- free operation without any maintenance for the longest of periods.A lifetime warranty against fracturing is provided on the high-precision drum shaft.

Easy process management

The washing and chemical programs can be set-up and copied fast and easily through the USB ports on the front of the machines.

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